The following rules are a set list of dos and donts for all board posters to live by. These are not suggestions by the staff, but laws that you will all live by while you post here.

  1. You must be 18+ to view this site
  2. Ignore trolls. Whether it's a troll thread or a single post in an otherwise good thread, just ignore it and keep browsing/posting as per normal.
  3. Ignore Dislikes. Regardless of what the the thread is, whether a shitty show or something that you just don't personally like or enjoy, just ignore it entirely instead of complaining and whining about it..
  4. Create constructive posts and threads. We do not suspect that this will be an issue, but if someone asks a question then be sure to answer it. New people come and go, and encouraging support from the community will always guarantee a more dedicated and well informed group of users remain on the board.
  5. Respect others opinions. Not everyone agrees on the same things, if you do not agree with someone else but feel that you must reply to them then always maintain a polite tone with them.
  6. Make use of the spoiler tags. Not everyone is up to date with the things we discuss. Try to keep things simple by using the spoiler tags in situations that call for them. To spoil text, put ~~double tildes around it, with no spaces~~
  7. Do not roleplay. This is not a roleplay board nor will it ever be one or contain a place dedicated to roleplay. There are many other boards are that are dedicated to roleplay that you are more than welcome to use.
  8. Do not berate other users. Someone doesn't know something you think everyone knows by now? Inform them. Someone lists information that you've never heard of? Ask for a source. There's no reason to attack anyone at any point. Keep things simple and try to understand the other person's situation before you end up insulting anyone's intelligence.
  9. Do not pretend to be a moderator. You do not get to decide what is and isn't allowed on this board. That's our job. If you feel it doesn't belong here, ignore it and move on.
  10. Posting or discussing the following content will result in a ban of lengthy duration: Furry, Guro, Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny, and any form of "you rage you lose."
  11. Necessary but not mandatory, you must have viewed Roots Search before posting here.

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