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What the title said. Now, anyone with current projects can post their shit here, links, etc.

I have projects planned on my own:

-Resubbing the original Gall Force sequels and all of Earth Chapter.
-Subbing D-1 Devastator
-Subbing Wanna-Be's LaserDisc rip (only available subs right now are some shitty VHS-rips).
-If anon goes through his project, help in translating what's come out so far of The Five Star Stories (2013-2014 run).

There's other stuff I'm planning to tackle on, but for now, that's all.

So, whoever else has translation, subbing, scanlation, etc., projects, post'em here.

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File: 1402285690667.jpg -(45778 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

lensman jp audio

some time ago it was said that the moonspeak of the Lensman movie was not online, and would be difficult to obtain
I had the good fortune to get the US laserdisc a while back which has English and Japanese. So I recorded a copy of it if anybody ever gets motivated to attached it to some video of the movie.

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