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What the title said. Now, anyone with current projects can post their shit here, links, etc.

I have projects planned on my own:

-Resubbing the original Gall Force sequels and all of Earth Chapter.
-Subbing D-1 Devastator
-Subbing Wanna-Be's LaserDisc rip (only available subs right now are some shitty VHS-rips).
-If anon goes through his project, help in translating what's come out so far of The Five Star Stories (2013-2014 run).

There's other stuff I'm planning to tackle on, but for now, that's all.

So, whoever else has translation, subbing, scanlation, etc., projects, post'em here.

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File: 1402285690667.jpg -(45778 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

lensman jp audio

some time ago it was said that the moonspeak of the Lensman movie was not online, and would be difficult to obtain
I had the good fortune to get the US laserdisc a while back which has English and Japanese. So I recorded a copy of it if anybody ever gets motivated to attached it to some video of the movie.

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This topic is meant as an archive for the /m/ podcasts, I'd appreciate people not posting replies in this thread without checking with me first just to avoid clutter.

Here's the pilot of sorts, it was never intended as a podcast, was actually just a skype conversation that spawned out of a failure to communicate with Clawshrimpy. Figured I'd include the link though since it was some anons wanting to hear how the conversation went that ended up causing the later podcasts. Personally I recommend skipping it though.

Pilot - ThatAnon-vs-Clawshrimpy.mp3

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File: 1356692705328.jpg -(81634 B, 500x332) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Okay guys, here's ep 1 of the /m/ podcast, on this episode we have an interview with VF-kun about his personal experience with mechs, his work on Super Robot Wars Eternity, his experiences working on middle eastern anime dubbing and some of his exposure to the inside of the Japanese anime industry through that.

There's also just some conversation of 2 guys talking about voice actors they love, and shows they enjoy, even if it gets a little not-/m/ at times (like Blackadder). Plus there's a surprise epilogue that wasn't planned where we talk about the origin's of VF-kun's name.

Full runtime is a little over 1 hour. On the technical side of things, I apologise firstly for the volume difference in VF-kun's and my voice for the audio in the majority of it. I forgot in recording to have my speakers at an appropriate volume to pick him up, I fixed this for the epilogue section though.

-m-podcast 01 - ThatAnon-vs-VF-kun.mp3

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File: 1362283311141.jpg -(233955 B, 900x563) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hello /m/ been a while, I bring you the 2nd /m/ podcast:
-m-podcast 02 - ThatAnon-vs-fantasyleader.mp3
Transcript - http://pastebin.com/ACJw3VCH
Archive of previous podcasts - http://eternitychan.org/projects/res/2.html

First of all I want to apologise this took so long to get out. It was actually recorded back in mid-late January and I was planning to get it out then and hoped to have an interview with Dorkly for the end of Jan beginning of Feb done. But I suddenly got an important real life interview confirmation with a date at the end of Jan and spent the rest of the month panicking and prepping for my interview. After the interview I'd been a little (but not too) busy and a bit stressed so took time to work up the incentive to get back to editing this to be ready.

So the podcast itself, I invited on fantasyleader (who doesn't really visit the board) because he works on subbing Sentai and was pretty easy for me to get a hold of. We talk about how he got into subbing, his favourite Sentais and some opinion sharing in general.

This podcast is much shorter than the first podcast I had with VF-kun. Running only about 20 minutes long, and unfortunately there were a lot of moments with bad connection and fantasy's audio cutting out. For these sections I often asked him to repeat then cut out the bad version in editing but some parts are still really choppy and inaudible. Which is why I've added he transcript this time, can't promise I'll always add one since it took more effort than I expected, but any with this much audio trouble I'll do it.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1367270820308.jpg -(56923 B, 350x350) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Dorkly Chair joins me for the 3rd installment of the /m/ podcast.

-m-podcast 03 - ThatAnon-vs-Dorkly Chair.mp3

I'm happy to report that this installment doesn't have any of the problem of previous podcasts. There is a bit of a difference between the volume of myself and Dorkly (which changes later when I turned it down a little for recieving Dorkly) but nothing like the massive difference in the VF-kun podcast. Both myself and Dorkly can be heard without one being too loud.

As for content we cover the usual questions and Dorkly speaks about his impressive LaserDisc and VHS collection as well as talking about how he got into working on radio. There's also conversation about current /m/ shows and a bit of sidetracking into /co/ and /a/ related content with a small amount of /tv/ spliced in too.

Hope everyone enjoys.

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