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33729 No.5691  

Gather around, Family of Sahib, for the 6th EC Synchtube thread.

We'll be watching at https://cytu.be/r/eternitychan

It will take place on November 12th, Saturday, at the following time

04:00 PM EDT (New York)
09:00 PM BST (London)
11:00 PM Sahib Standard Time (Moscow)

>Kabutoborg 7
>Captain Pronin 3
>Korean Movie Time
>> No.5692  

According to my friend the site's New York servers were down so he couldn't watch

>> No.5693  

Maybe next time.

The stream's done for tonight.

See you next Saturday.

>> No.5695  

No stream on November 19th.

Sorry, but some stuff has come up.

>> No.5696  

I wouldn't have been able to attend anyways. Celebrating some family thing today.

>> No.5697  

Hope you had a good time.

Stream will go back to its regular schedule from this Saturday and on, hopefully.

>> No.5699  

Was fun, celebrated my Grandfather's 80th birthday in a traditional asian way. Stream tomorrow?

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