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This topic is for my SRC engine SRW fangames - discussion, compilation of scattered info or just general previews for the future.

First up - SRW DB

Series List:
*Live A Live (Mecha Chapter)
*Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea
*Tetsujin 28 (2004)
*Beat Angel Escalayer
Fight! Iczer-1
G Gundam

DB is essentially a short experimental project to feel out the feasibility of a project in the SRC engine - a rather old Japanese engine that was supposedly used for another English project called SRW CF - unfortunately, they died and took all their knowledge with them which meant that I had to work out everything on my own but I feel a lot of groundwork for me creating future projects has been laid down in the creation of DB.

SRW DB is also my exploration into several aspects (gameplay, cast list, etc) of the SRW series that I felt would not be replicated any time soon by the actual games due to factors such as licensing, marketability etc... For example, it would be impossible to compete with Bamco on "Animation Quality", which is why I tackled it from an alternate angle instead.

Half of my Cast List is chosen for "I don't think these will ever be in SRW at all" reasons which is an angle I like to take because honestly, if you wanted to play a game with Mazinger/Getter/Gundam, there's kinda like tons of them to choose from already. In a certain sense, you could say that I'm really more interested in SRW's role of reviving old, obscure stuff rather than jamming in the latest popular in-thing.

As examples in the experimental department - I think itemization is one of SRW DB's stronger points. OG 1 and 2 were my first SRW games and I was always disappointed that equippable weapons basically became less and less relevant as a mechanic over time, so instead in SRW DB you get a lot of weird weapons and equipment to play with and customize your units.

Adding to that, units aren't designed to be as homogeneous as they usually are in SRW games nowadays which means that a weapon on one unit might play differently on another. Unlike modern SRW, DB goes back to a more tightly controlled ranges on attacks, which means that outranging your enemies and walling them off plays a more important part than in regular SRW.

I also did not like how most modern SRW design was basically just ferrying your entire army from one side of the map to another bashing hordes of completely unthreatening grunts with absolutely zero regards for the terrain most of the time, so I try to create mission designs that should at least make you stop and think for a while, though it's by no means some kind of expert high level strategy affair.

Did I succeed at my stated goals? That's up to you to decide, I suppose.

You can grab SRW DB here:

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File: 1477323599986.png -(17536 B, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And now - the upcoming Project

Giant Robo: Day the Earth Stood Still
Zanma Taisei Demonbane (VN)
*Megaman X Series
*Trails in the Sky FC/SC
*Shirogane no Cal to Soukuu no Joou
*Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z!
*Read or Die OVA
*Touhou A Live

In SRW GR, I push even further on experimenting with new mechanics in order to try to make SRW gameplay a bit more tactical. Here's a quick summary.

-2 Starting Protagonist Routes
-Item Crafting/Shop
-Tactical Points
-Other Series specific subsystems (such as Quartz for the Trails series)

GR will have more missions and much more units/items/etc to play with, which I hope will not hinder the completion of the project in anyway, but who knows.

(Fun fact: Originally, the follow-up sequel is supposed to be Live A Live inspired with several different themed scenarios all in one game and join them at the end, which would allow me to place multiple completely different series without giving myself a headache trying to tie them together, but I couldn't really get down certain specifics of implementing the gameplay such that you could bring over characters from one scenario to another without them just stomping over underleveled enemies.

GR is basically a more "traditional" handling of one of the scenarios from that game (called the "Steel" Chapter))

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File: 1477324642256.png -(789642 B, 1470x1065) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Battle Masteries
Like in mainline SRW, Battle Masteries return in SRW GR. So far they're mostly time limit ones so I hope you like those, but I'm looking into branching out a bit.

(Can't say I like a lot of the other types of Battle Masteries though, I mean retreating bosses are ick)

Dual Route
Like OG1, SRW GR will begin with two selectable Protagonists each with their own route. However unlike OG1, you will have to play both scenarios to proceed and may freely utilize upgrades, items and money (but not characters) from one route to the other.

Unlike regular SRW, each unit has a dedicated Consumable slot. Other than the regular SRW HP/EN/Ammo restoration items, GR will have a variety of Spirit Command casting items that you're encouraged to use strategically (though all missions are tested on No Upgrades/Consumables to make sure they're doable without forcing you to use very specific strategies)

Tactical Points System
Semi-inspired by UX/BX's tacticians and what I thought they would be like instead of how they actually turned out in the actual games.

At the start of each mission, you are given 5 Tactical points (TP) to spend on a variety of effects such as restoring HP/EN, reviving a dead ally, curing status conditions and so on.

You learn more Tactics as the game goes on but may only equip up to 3 per mission, so there's an opportunity to really personalize yourself with those three choices there.

>> No.5682  

So I downloaded this and it didn't work. I'm assuming that I need to download SRC as well? Can someone help, because I'm actually really looking forward to trying this.

>> No.5683  

The download comes with the SRC program and all the libraries already, have you read the .txt files like Installation Instructions?

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File: 1479103699898.jpg -(45853 B, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

SRW DB Secrets List since it's been long enough

Chapter 4 Part 1
Rescue Unit OR Black Belt (Equipment)

Defeat Huckebien for the Rescue Unit OR Shining Gundam for the Black Belt.

Former is Repair + Resupply using 3 Item Slots to equip, Latter provides an attack "Rekka" that has a 30% chance of chaining into itself.

Chapter 4 Part 2
Excalibur (Equippable Weapon)

Fulfill the Extra Condition - Reduce Huckebien to below 10% HP instead of Destroying it.

Excalibur has a different attack when equipped on Nanoca.

Chapter 5 Part 1
Mirage (Rafale subpilot)

Defeat Mirage using Rafale.

Hurricane Spear + Eveningstar (Equippable Weapons)

Move a character to the two Treasure Chests the room near the entrance to open them.

Matsu survives
Matsu must kill 3 or more enemies during this level. If successful, he will become a sub-pilot for Buriki Daioh on Chapter 7

(Due to a bug, he doesn't need to do this during NG+, but the notification still pops up)

Chapter 7

Defeat FM77 using Escalayer.

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File: 1489754769281.jpg -(67747 B, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The 50% demo for SRW GR is now released!

The latest version will always be found here


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