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350984 No.63  

I am VF-kun's musical slave.

Ask me anything.

>> No.64  

are you a wizard

>> No.65  

I suggest that you make Mirai ni Lovers.

>> No.66  

Do you play any musical instrument?

>> No.67  

Last I checked, a large man has yet to burst down my front door and shout YER A WIZARD.

So, no.

I'm not going to mention what has or has not been made and passed to VF-Kun (or is lying unfinished on my HDD). It'd ruin the suprise. Feel free to suggest anything, though.

Nope. I've never dealt with the composition side of the music, just plugging things into MIDI files to make them sound nicer.

>> No.68  

DAT fruity loops.

How come you are not using megaman X instruments GODDOMIT.

>> No.69  

I can do the SRWE soundtrack as made with SRW W/K instruments if you'd like, instead

>> No.70  

Do so, except for godannar, that would be cheating.

>> No.71  

As I ripped the Shinkon Gattai Godannar MIDI from SRW K, it would sound identical.

>> No.73  

That's why it would be cheating!

Also, where did you get those instruments? can you share them?

>> No.74  


10 years After is the first one
Yuusha oh tanjou is above Z toki wo koete
Fly high on top of gattai getter robo and i think HEATS below, it could also be godannar.
Men of destiny is there too.
Daybreak's bell on top of dont stop carry on
Loos like cruel angel thesis on top of Dancers in the sky but it's pretty unlikely

>Trider G7

Didn't see that one coming, it can't be any other song.

I'll check if i can crack anymore later.

>> No.75  

what do you love the most, mecha or music?

>> No.76  

Eh, while I managed to get a lot of soundfonts from www.hammersound.net, most of the soundfonts, synths and effect plugins I use were found from google searches, torrents and hearing about the names of good products over the years.

Hit & miss.

Probably the mecha themselves, although I do love getting my hands on mecha music or music from mecha games like SRW and ACE.

>> No.80  

Hey hey, i`m the guy who composes original stuff for SRWE. Can you contact me, OP? VF-kun has my mail address and icq number.

>> No.82  


If the game doesn't have this song heads will roll

>> No.115  

Will you upload Metamorphosis in an update or are we gonna have to wait to hear it in the actual game?

>> No.117  

Guy that VF-kun forced to name Gregor's theme here, fuck yeah thanks for uploading it, it's awesome.

>> No.121  
File: 1296427430439.jpg -(121617 B, 1000x1060) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

nothing to see here


>> No.124  

So, can we get a reupload of the song, please?

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