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File: 1280776071982.png -(91786 B, 928x579) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
91786 No.41  

Gameplay and Game Maker requests.

Have something you want to see in the game or in the game maker? Post it here!

All suggestions will be taken into consideration by our team.


  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Try to give as many details as possible.
  3. Be patient.
>> No.42  

Regarding animation:
Layers, onion layers and animated objects.

and to be able to hide the textbox during attack animations.

>> No.43  

Oh fuck i forgot, Layer folders, and object folders too.

>> No.44  

Here some suggestions:
-Fill with tile tool (like in paint)
-Custom map size
-Magnifier (for big maps)
-Rectangle Tile filler
-CTRL+Z(for undoing actions in the map D:)
-kinda obvious but scroll bar for the map
-add background image(visible in empty tiles)
-custom movement for the image(up,down,left,right)

Thanks ;)

>> No.45  

My suggestion for how to handle stepping the magnifier from a programming perspective, if you don't want to handle the power crunch of actively resizing the images while zooming - grab the pixels out of the corners to make the new display, and throw out more and more of the center as you zoom out. So the minimum size is 2x2 with the single corner of each pixel, but the next size up is 4x4 with the four pixels of each corner, then 8x8 and 16x16.

I think that will preserve terrain layout well without really needing to do too much. Of course if you already have a resizing algorithm sitting in a library and it doesn't cost much to implement, do that instead.

I second pre-set map sizes.

>> No.46  

I second everything from post 44.

>> No.49  

So basically make it RPG Maker?

>> No.50  

Well, you can't deny that RPG Maker's design works tremendously well for making tiled maps

>> No.51  

A user-made original character like in SRW4.

Portrait (Importable Portraits would be awesome.)
Real/Super (Let the user pick a grunt unit from a list.)
Blood Type & Birth Date (This determined seishins and stats. A better option for SRWE would be for the player to allocate stats and seishins.)
Personality (Affected cutscene dialogue and in-game quotes in SRW4. User-definable quotes and dialogue would be the way to go, provided there's a sample personality for the end user to edit)

>> No.52  

Would it be possible to link two or more maps together in a single stage?

For example, a designated portal tile on the main map leads to the interior of a hangar, represented by a second map. A portal tile on the second map can then lead back to the main map.

Of course, this would also require an AI smart enough to recognize & pursue a unit moving from one map to the other.

Also, will the game feature some sort of multiplayer versus mode, where two or more players select their teams' units and proceed to take turns whaling on each other?

>> No.53  

OK, this is kind of a weirdly ambitious one, I know, but:

Could you make a pair of games that worked like F/FF and could load clear saves from each other?

>> No.54  

I think a better, broader idea than this would be to allow the creator to define their own field of attributes for the 'character select.'

The idea I was entertaining only lets you select a racetype (Normal, Ender, XXXXXXX Naughty Word Because I Can't Discuss That Show, Newtype, Cyborg, and five Mystery Boxes). Everything else (suit access locks, starting suit, involvement in story) comes from that.


>> No.55  

Importing music.

>> No.56  

This is an amazing idea honestly, I like this idea for fitting in an original character into an fan SRW game. I think this could at least work out well in some form. Glad I'm not the only one who wanted something like this though I'd like to add.

You may be able to pick what series is the base for the char from what serie are in the game and it could effect your upgrades?

>> No.57  

Option to import/attach voice clips for battle scenes and moments of /intense dramatics./

Also seconding the contents of >>54

>> No.58  

And another thing I just thought of!
Something that would piggyback with >>54

So, taking the idea of multiple options for a starting character, however it's defined, it would be cool to-- let's take mission 23. and actually have several different mission 23s, depending on which viewpoint character or whatever criteria you want to set. Not quite a routesplit, but something that would let you have magical mid-season upgrade missions, nightmare modes of given missions, and alternate end missions if you fulfill certain criteria.

>> No.59  

That reminds me:

Option for Favorite Series like W and K. Might not use it myself, but, something nice to have.

>> No.60  

I'm /full/ of suggestions

  • Buff attacks like Macross 7 or GaoGaiGar in @3.
  • (needlessly specific) The ability to have option parts that let you ignore certain enemy defensive abilities ('Precision Guidance System' letting you ignore Countershoot, for example).
  • Ability to switch between loadouts for variable-loadout machines like V2 Gundam at the battleship.
  • Ability to break down grunt units into component parts for other grunt units a la G Generation (Guncannon breaks down into Cannon Parts and Enhanced Head Suite, for example, which you could then attach to a Gelgoog and a Zaku II to make a Gelgoog Cannon and a Zaku II FS respectively)
>> No.61  

This suggestion is for the animation tool but whatever
I'd like to be able to set a movement pattern to a tween. It's really hard to make curves with just plain old tweening.

>> No.62  

For map editing, you think it's possible to click-and-drag a large selection of tiles in the tile selection area?

It'd be nice when you have large buildings made out of multiple tiles, like the 3G base, huge skyscrapers, etc.

example: see newer RPGmakers

>> No.72  

Copy-paste would be cool too.

>> No.77  

hi, i want to see attack chains in the game

>> No.83  

OG-style equippable weapons would be a cool option for the game maker, though I wouldn't want to see them in the game.

>> No.85  

Team-up attacks.
I would like to do attacks like the Super Dynamic Special.

>> No.86  


How about this.

Other than the main character you picked, you can import a custom character you can make. (however you must pay for him\her with money, more if the character starts of with expensive skills)

You pick the name, gender, portrait (import friendly), distribute stats points, buy skills, pick seishins, choose a starting unit type (like what kind of units you can pilot, you can train the pilot for new ones later, etc) and he\she'll act like a mercenary, have no importance to the plot, and so on.

>> No.87  

I'd love to be able to make a game that doesn't have terrain rankings in it - just movement types and weapon attributes like NEO's Anti-Air/Anti-Ground, which deal extra damage and have more accuracy when used against that terrain.

>> No.88  


>> No.89  
Played around with some stuff, pretty good, im pretty impressed brogrammer. Anyway, CHANGE THE DELETE PART KEY TO SOMETHING ELSE, everytime i want to modify something in a textbox and press Del then BAM, part is gone, make it D or something.
Also, i was playing with the scale and made a part too small and now i cant select it, a window with added part list would be fine.
>> No.90  

I'm having trouble making key frames.
That is to say, I can't make key frames at all. I hold down F and click, I click and then hold down F, I try dragging and pressing F etc. but I get nothing.
Oddly enough, when I try to do so in >>89 little "project", I have no issues.
Why would this happen, I wonder...???

>> No.91  

Nevermind, I got it to work. Seems I misunderstood how to get sprites on the work table.
Now all I really need is a zoom function, since the sprites you're working with tend to be pretty damn small, along with being able to have several textures in a single animation. Aside from those, this is pretty much perfect right now.

>> No.92  


>> several textures in a single animation

What're you trying to accomplish that you feel you need this? Provide an example or two, just written out.

>> No.93  

I would think he means using several sprite sets in the same tween, but you can accomplish that just by copypasting another sprite set.

What it really needs is a list of added parts to keep track of stuff, i could replace parts with that if it's added.

Also, i found a little bug when i was working with building zeto, sometimes it wouldn't pick the whole chest.

>> No.96  

1) Unlikely as it may be since it may be tricky to implement, but... hexa grid option?

2) Make it possible that one of the attacks for a certain unit in a given map is a random pick from a given list.
This is mostly to simulate the big red button function in Megas XLR, which invariably someone will try to implement with this.

>> No.100  

Hex would unfortunately have to be an entirely different engine. There's fundamental differences between hex and tile when it comes to a lot of systems, AI particularly. Isometric view is a more likely upgrade option since that's purely a display change, not an information change. But even that's not on the table for 1.0

Note 2 isn't a bad idea and will be noted.

>> No.101  



This sounds neat, and maybe it can be used to determine which attack to use according to whether the unit is flying or not (SRWZ) or what tiles the unit is standing on (example: in city tile the unit grabs a truck and toss it, in space it picks up an asteroid, in a forest it picks up a tree, etc).

>> No.102  


That would be more of a conditional attack, which some SRWs already support to some extent (a shooting animation being different depending on the opponent being airborne or grounded, for example).

The idea is having several possibilities of "ultimate attack", but only one of them being available in that attack slot per stage.

So the attack list would look something like this:

Melee attack
Mid ranged attack
Ranged attack
(Random attack) (requiring a certain value of Will, HP being below a certain point or a certain number of turns having already passed in that stage (almost near the end of the episode!))

"Random attack" could be any of these, for example:

"Beam" MAP attack
1-hit kill melee atack
Area of effect MAP attack that costs some HP
(feel free to add anything Coop ever used the Big Red Button for in the list)

From there, one one of those would be available in the random attack slot, usually randomly - but for some given stage, perhaps one of them could be enforced, say, stage 3 enforces the AoE MAP attack, which if used could then trigger some stage event.

Also, if Megas makes it, it totally needs an animation for high Will attack where Coop headbutts the big red button like he does sometimes in the show.

>> No.103  


Yeah, well, your idea is more or less conditional too, (based on will, hp instead of terrain, but I understand what you mean) I just figured it'd be similar enough to be implemented along with that idea.

>> No.107  

Different forms of the same unit should be able to have different HP - Braiger and Getter, for example, shouldn't have the same HP total in all their forms.

>> No.108  


It could be the same condition for all possible attacks from the random list, those were just examples - although if the code is flexible enough, they could sare a common condition and then each attack could have its own, depending on its specific features.

I'm thinkin Megas's ever-changing red button when thinking about this, but there's no reason not to give the programming that would allow it other interesting uses.

>> No.113  

What are the odds of:

1) Making it possible to use dynamic turns? Instead of you doing all your moves, then the computer doing his, repeating until a side loses, simply giving each action a readying and/or cool-down time, and only being able to take action whenever you're not in either of those two states.
For example, moving to an adjacent square would be immediate, but have a short cool-down time (the decision to move is instant, but actually moving takes a little while); a major attack, on the other hand, might have some readying time (readying the big gun, invoking a sword/hammer/whatever) and maybe a short cool-down time.
I like SRW, but its current turn-based system seems like an artefact of a gaming age long gone by - not to mention it's odd that being able to attack as a counter in the enemy's turn lets you attack far more often with a unit than you can in your own turn with that same unit.

2) Releasing the source code so unlikely ideas like the one above or the hexa-grid can be attempted based on a common base?

>> No.114  

I'm gonna leave this here for future reference:


>> No.116  

Follow this link and drop on down to Algorithms.

If you completely understand that entire table, you'll be able to overhaul the engine to a different map type given enough time, but you'll also understand why it would never be something you could toggle back and forth on within the same engine.

Really you'd probably only get to keep the music and animation engine. The Map, AI, and Scripting engines would be totally useless.

But yes, the project will be open (probably starting at 1.0)

As far as per-unit turn times - that's a much more feasible goal, altho not in our release scope. An issue that comes up in it is timing mechanics - you'll need to adjust any systems that depend on a turn passing to update. Stuff like EN growing. And of course re-scripting anything that happens based on the current turn number.

>> No.118  
File: 1293749257469.png -(56461 B, 552x799) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've got a quick question:
Are the particle effects supposed to respawn at different angles? Is it possible to make a particle effect respawn at a single direction? This would be to make things like beam sabers and beam rifles.
For reference of what I'm talking about, check out that picture I posted.

>> No.119  

The ability to, rather than having single series groupings for unit locks, having multiple 'types' of lock that a pilot can drive more than one of.

For example: a game with Turn A Gundam, UC Gundam, and Gundam X might have, as locks:

Mobile Suit
Mobile Armor

And then someone like Sleggar might only pass Plane, whereas someone like Sayla might pass Plane and Newtype Use, Jamil might pass Mobile Suit and Newtype Use, etc., allowing both Sleggar and Sayla to drive a G-Fighter but only Sayla to drive an Elmeth; a suit itself could also be multiply-locked, like the @ Azieru requiring the character to be able to drive both Newtype Use and Mobile Armor units.

>> No.120  

The ability to have two people pilot one unit and be moved from unit to unit as two pilots.

For Usso+Haro, Lockon+Haro, Zoids characters + their organoids, etc.

>> No.122  

It would be nice to have the option for manned enemy units shot down by certain units/pilots, or on certain stages, to display the retreat animation on the map screen rather than the normal explosion, for characters like the Eldoran kids who aren't going to be killing people.

>> No.123  

Idea name: Character Voice
Based on: Many SRW
Specifics: the maker can Export/Inport Mp3,Wave,midi sound file. Use for event or battle dialog. Maybe he can record hes owen voice.

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