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16085 No.125  

Return of the Super Robot Wars Eternity bug support thread:

Current discussion - how to get XNA to not be a sack of dildos.

>> No.126  
>One of things that needs to be changed is reset of selection when you leave weapon section in unit info.
>If you leave with last weapon selected, change unit for the one with less weapons, and return game crashes.
>> No.127  

Anyone else using the GitHub repository?

It's about the 3rd I'm aware of and the most recent, so it's about time whomever is bothering with the code sticks with a single version control system, or this is unlikely to get off the ground.

I made some puny GUI tweaks, and since I'm still getting used to C# and XNA, next thing I expect to tackle is another relatively minor issue like tweaking the "visual novel" code to be able to handle strings of any lenght without sending them off-screen - a more far-fetched plan is to have the string being read off an external file, probably in XML along with other relevant data (among other things, it would be easier to translate and to coordinate scenes).

>> No.128  

I kinda needed a version of the code that didn't blow up on my laptop (HiDef profile is a sack of dildos and whatnot), otherwise I can't even debug stuff.

>> No.129  

Also the game should try and move towards loading external files rather than hardcoding things (which was the last plan of action I was told the game followed).

Had shit on the backburner for that, but I can't do anything without specs for the relevant data file...

>> No.130  


That's why I'm trying to for now get the visual novel code to work with strings of any length (the hardcoded ones written to try and fit the boxes still don't sometimes), so that later on they can be imported from a file with as little trouble as possible regardless of their size.
I'm thinking possible XML format (I'm almost sure C# has pre-existing methods for that).

I still need to learn a bit about debugging software with an actual GUI, this will probably involve lerning about the Visual C# 2010 Express IDE features for it.

I expect today I'll apply my recent modifications to the files Wargamer provided yesterday, and then I'll commit the whole thing to GitHub, apparently his changes since the latest version were supposed to help with problems like the one you mentioned.

>> No.131  

Pretty sure most languages do XML read/write support these days, and the debugging process is built into visual studio and is just all in the

>hit the debug option in the menu/toolbar
>get prompts about where/how things blow up if they blow up

The recurring problem has been that I can't run the game when it uses the normal HiDef build profile; it yells at me for having a shitty laptop.

The Reach profile, which should be more hardware-friendly as far as I know, would blow up due to some of the resources being too big.

It's obnoxious because if you can't run the program, you can't make sure if it works properly and whatnot.

But whatever, a definite file standard is the least I'd like to see...

I had slapped together unit/character creation tools once, but those are useless without knowing how to write it all to a file...

>> No.132  


My debugging issues have more to do with checking the exact content of variables at specific moments - I'm mosly used to stuff that executes on prompts, and there it's simple enough to toss in a command to print those contents to screen, for this Visual stuff I just have to learn where to look to get those glimpses of what's going on.

Spaking of character an unit creation, am I the only one who thinks these things should have their own classes in the code? It makes some sense to me, if you're supposed to be able to swap pilots between machines. From what I checked, it doesn't seem to currently be the case. Weapons too, while at it.

>> No.133  

Guys, I wanted to join, installed visual 2010 and XNA 4.0 but when I tried to open project

>LegoRemix-SRW-Eternity-e9a0acf\Project Eternity\Project Eternity\Project Eternity.csproj : error : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

What do.

>> No.134  


Which is the Visual applications?

I'm using Visual Studio C# 2010 Express, IIRC (not completely sure about the "Studio" bit, not at home right now, but I'm sure about the other parts of the name), and I think I got a similar error with that until I installed XNA too.

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