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42805 No.109  

Will the engine require units to have distinct pilot entities or will it be possible to have the unit and "pilot character" be one and the same?

If, for example, someone were to include Gally from Gunnm, or Vargas from Escaflowne in a project, they wouldn't really need mechas to fight, so I wonder if the engine's data structure can accomodate this.

>> No.110  

All what you would really need to do is make the same entry as a pilot and as a mech, and lock that pilot to that mech.

So "Pilot Kos-Mos" holds character portraits and senshins. "Mech Kos-Mos" holds battle animations and unit stats.

Does that make sense?

>> No.111  

KOS-MOS confirmed for SRWE?


>> No.112  


>> Implying I know who's on the roster

BWAHAHAHAHA I couldn't get my dick on the roster with a thousand dollar bill, let alone confirm KosMos.

>> No.137  

So this means that my hopes of slapping Alberto the Shockwave and Master Asia as playable units (MA as a Core Fighter style) are able to exist?


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